Tedra R. San Bernardino, CA

Every time I wear accessories from Belle Noire, I receive so many compliments. The last time I wore the necklace I purchased out to dinner. A lady came up to me and asked me about my necklace. I directed her to contact Belle Noire. She insisted on purchasing the necklace off my neck . Needless to say I was not giving up my necklace. 

-Tedra R. San Bernardino, CA

I immediately feel red carpet ready when I rock my accessories from Belle Noire.

-Constance G. Oakland, CA

I love my necklace. Belle Noire curated a collection specifically for my sorority chapter. I have handmade gifts from sisters in Africa. I gift them for Founder’s Day, birthdays, and every occasion and people LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. 

-Gisele Bonds Richmond, CA